• Daniel Hussey

Made in America, by Our Neighbors and Friends

If there's one thing most Americans can get behind, it's products that are "Made in America". I'm well into my mid-aged years and my consumption of goods has drastically changed from when I was a young adult. I no longer buy items that "identify me" and I certainly do not "keep up with the Jones" by buying up the latest and greatest of anything. What I do care about is quality and comfort, and style to some degree. It has been wonderful to turn the page on hyperconsumerism (Hyperconsumerism, hyper-consumerism, hype consumption or hyper-consumption is the consumption of goods for non-functional purposes and the associated significant pressure to consume those goods, exerted by modern capitalist society, as those goods shape one's identity.) If my old one works, why replace it? Makes sense to me. However when it does come time to make that next purchase, I find myself paying more attention to products that are Made in America for a few good reasons.

First, many of the products made in America have great quality. I just bought a KitchenAid dishwasher and the thing is a tank. The door is heavy and closes with a deep thump. It works great and its very quiet. We did spend a few hundred dollars more but I'm glad we did, that's for sure. For a guy who drives a station wagon because "it makes sense", being impressed by any product is pretty rare.

Second, purchasing something that is Made in America makes me feel better than purchasing something made abroad. I think of the engineers, designers, assemblers, and all the back office people it takes to put it all together and I'm glad they are my neighbors (albeit thousands of miles away).

This spurred me to have a look online to research what other products are Made in America and I was surprised that there are thousands of products made right here. Many of them are very high quality items like appliances produced by Viking, Sub-Zero, Wolf, GE (mostly) and Whirlpool. Have you ever owned a Yeti? Stays cold all day! Amazing and very popular produce 100% made in the USA. Keen and New Balance footwear are both made in my home state of Maine. Mathews Brothers windows (used by many of my builders) makes excellent high quality windows. They love them because they will not have issues with them and buyers love the look and feel of the integrated exterior trim.

Our neighbors in NH really nailed some keep products like....Velcro... yes the amazing hook and loop product that makes live easier. Segway is another cool product made in NH and boy are they fun (recently tried this for the first time).

While there are many more items made over seas than made right here, I hope everybody considers a product that is Made in America before making that next purchase. It's good for your fellow Americans, our economy and I think you will be impressed with the quality like I am.

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